"Welcome to the Cyber Security Center (CSC), Research & Development unit at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is an honor and privilege for me to be a part of the Cyber Security Center and to lead this journey through all the challenges we are about to face. Fast developing aspect of information technology architecture aids the cybercrime into the growing reality that can no longer be ignored. A new generation of criminals has made the Internet its playground, and there is a strong requirement to continue to shape the new generation of scholars, researchers, police investigators, policy makers, and practitioners who will interact with and manage this clientele. Public and private industry could at any moment experience a deep and destructive cyber attack. For national security - particularly critical infrastructure such as telecommunications, energy pipelines, refineries, financial networks, health systems, and other essential services - cyber attacks pose a significant problem. Interruptions caused by cyber attacks can result in tragic aftermath. The sophisticated attacks urged an increase in funding and support for research and development of emerging cyber security technologies. The Cyber Security Center delivers quality education and services to increase awareness and protect organization’s infrastructure from the growing number of sophisticated cyber threats. The cyber attacks on web pages and information systems, fraud, identity theft, and child pornography are just a little piece of globally growing cyber crime. With that in mind, the use of advanced technology and education is a critical factor in overcoming cyber security challenges and creating a more secure environment. Our main focus is to become a leading edge in academic researchers in cyber security and software engineering and to contribute the community in offering solutions for arising concerns regarding possible exposure to disruptive and damaging events.

Thank you for your interest."

Igor Rajić, Director